CheckMate Valve Integral to Large CSO Outfall

The low headloss of the CheckMate valve reduced costs.

In order to mitigate flooding in Glasthule Village from sewer overflows during storm events, a CSO outfall to the sea was constructed as an interim measure. A CheckMate non-return valve was identified as the best product for installation on the CSO outfall pipe to prevent backflow from the sea entering the sewer system. The low headloss of the CheckMate valve meant that a pumped solution was not necessary.

Project Details

Client: Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
Consulting Engineer: RPS
Contractor: MJS Civil Engineering
Design Details: 1050mm CheckMate valve with max. headloss 450mm at 4m3/s flow

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This Combined Sewer Overflow project involved the provision of a high level emergency overflow connecting an existing access manhole on the sewer tunnel to West Pier Pumping Station to the existing sea wall adjacent to the former Dun Laoghaire Baths site. The overflow system included an adjustable weir, a depth monitor linked to the DLRCC telemetry system, a non-return valve and associated pipework.

The non-return valve chosen was a CheckMate rubber inline valve from Tideflex. The low headloss of this valve meant that a pumped solution was not needed. This provided significant cost savings for the client in both capital, operating and maintenance costs. A 1050mm CheckMate valve was manufactured and installed in 2010 and has been in operation with no issues since then. The CheckMate valve was lifted into place and inserted into the 1050mm overflow pipe and fixed in place using existing equipment on site - no specialist equipment or staff necessary.

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Plan of the new overflow chamber.

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Section of the new overflow chamber.

Harbour Outfall Location

Packaged Valve

Valve Positioning

Valve Insertion

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