Flow Meter Hire

For those once-off requirements.

We provide clamp on non-invasive ultrasonic and thermal dispersion flow measurement and flow meter hire services.

Guaranteed User Friendly

But we're only a phone call away!

Whether you require a flow meter for a one-off job or just simply would like to see the instrument working before you buy it, we offer a hire service that allows you to do just that.
Contact us today to get started measuring tomorrow!

For hire we offer portable ultrasonic flow meters from Flexim:

F601/608 - for liquids/energy/heat
F401 - for water
G601/608 - for gases

Flexim ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are non-invasive and work outside the pipe, making them an extraordinarily practical tool - ideal for service work and quick control ultrasonic measurements. All our flow meters are digital. The clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside, without process interruption and without production stop. The transducers have to be appropriately attached for measurement installation and some parameters have to be input in the transmitter. The set-up takes about 5 minutes. The complete measuring system fits into the compact and robust transport case.

Installation and initial operation of these flow meters is as simple as intuition tells you. Operating manual? All you need for initial operation of the instrument is the Quick Start Guide. We will provide you with the Quick Start Guide and the operating manual along with the instrument. But don't hesitate to call us if you need support.

The hire of our instrumentation is done on a weekly basis. Next day delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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