Tideflex S35 Valve



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Key Features

  • Reliable backflow prevention

  • 100% elastomer construction eliminates maintenance

  • Will not corrode, warp or freeze open or shut

  • 1”-2” Cracking Pressure, Low Headloss

  • Curved Bill enhances sealing around debris

  • Custom built for each application based on pressure and flow conditions

  • Available in diameters from 1/2" (12mm) to 72” (1800mm)

The Tideflex Series 35 in manufactured similarly to the Series TF-2, with the addition of an integral elastomeric flange. The 35 can be mounted to mating flanges or wall thimbles or directly to concrete walls. The 35 design has been enhanced by the 35-1, flat-bottom, Duckbill Check Valve. The 35-1 requires minimal bottom clearance and the inherent geometry and construction of the 35-1 yields a stronger, more durable check valve.

The 35 flange size drilling conforms to ANSI Class 125/150# and is also available with DIN drillings and other standard or customized drilling patterns. All Series 35-1 Duckbill Check Valves are furnished complete with retaining rings for installation.

The S35 valve installation instructions can be found here.

The S35 valve data sheet can be found here.

General Description

The Tideflex Duckbill Check Valve is a revolutionary design for backflow prevention. Tideflex Valves are a one-piece rubber matrix of numerous natural and synthetic elastomers and ply reinforcement, similar in construction to a truck tyre. Tideflex valves are cost-effective because they do not need periodic maintenance or repair to keep them operational and they have a 30 year operational life span.

Tideflex operate using line pressure and backpressure to open and close so no outside energy source is required. The valve has an extremely low cracking pressure so the valve self-draining which eliminates standing water and maximizes storage volume in the upstream pipe.

Tideflex Valves have low headloss, they do not rust or corrode and are not affected by UV so performance and reliability is constant throughout the life of the valve. The flexibility of the Tideflex allows the valve to compress around trapped solids providing a much better seal than flap valves, as confirmed by the USEPA. With the development of the patented curved bill, sealing capabilities are even further improved because the curved bill is more flexible than the rest of the valve and therefore compresses more around solids.

For higher backpressure ratings or to lower headloss while maintaining backpressure ratings, the Saddle Support Technology (SST) can be used in conjunction with the Series 35.

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