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1. Case Study Tideflex ® Check Valves Integral to Preventing Flooding in the City of Abbotsford At first, it appeared daunting. How could City Engineers prevent flooding of the entire Sumas Prairie Reclamation Area, a vast stretch of 22,000 acres of farmland and homes? The Fraser River is just over three metres higher in elevation than the level of the drainage canal where the Barrowtown Pump Station removes water. If the flapgate valves were to fail, the Fraser River would flood into 90 square kilometres of land. Unfortunately, flapgates are known to fail for a variety of reasons: moveable parts, corrosion, wearing, invasive items jamming them open, and so much more. The City of Abbotsford discovered that the flapgates installed in their pump station were no different; they failed three times since their installation in 1984. Thankfully, at those times people were monitoring and able to quickly prevent catastrophe. But what if the valves were to fail when no one was around? In the case of a valve failure, the full volume of the entire Fraser River could flood through one of the pump station’s 7 foot (2.13 metres) delivery pipes. This could destroy the pump bearings and motor, not to mention possible flooding of land and homes. The pump used to pump water up and out of the reclaimed lake, would become a raceway for flowing water from the river. Failure of the gate at an inopportune time could create havoc until the safety valve system was to be closed. City Engineers proposed to replace the Hydraulic cushion flapgates for the following reasons: • Risk management (to prevent flooding which would occur in the failure of a flapgate) • Metal fatigue (the flapgates, at 24 years old, were breaking down) • Budget Accountability (to purchase valves that last closer to 50 years than 20) • Maintenance Reduction (a valve with less maintenance would reduce costs) 1-877-984-7788 • T 604-987-7194 • F 604-987-5260 • • Tideflex Technologies is Represented by Kraft Industrial, a Division of SouthwellCorp Check Valves The Barrowtown Pumping Station protects a flood plain of 207 sq kilometres Two Tideflex® Check Valves, measuring 2.44 m each, were installed in 2007 to protect the City of Abbotsford, BC MEASURIT

2. At the Engineers’ request in 2007, the City of Abbotsford made an investment in the long-term protection of their residents by installing two Tideflex® Check Valves, both large enough to cover the 2.44m (8 ft) gate. The benefits of the Tideflex® Check Valves are many: • All rubber construction lasts approx. 50 years without rusting or corroding. • Provides complete shut-off, even where debris is present and in large sizes. • Low cracking pressure (Eliminates standing water). • Low installation cost, just slip it on. • Cannot be propped open. • Zero operating costs and no maintenance; no replacing of parts and nothing freezes or corrodes. • Absolute backflow prevention. Tideflex® Technologies All Rubber Check Valves are a revolutionary design for backflow prevention, as the City of Abbotsford discovered. The all-rubber construction will significantly save the City money, as they require no routine maintenance or repair. 1-877-984-7788 • T 604-987-7194 • F 604-987-5260 • • Tideflex Technologies is Represented by Kraft Industrial, a Division of SouthwellCorp The Tideflex® Check Valves were installed easily and inexpensively, and have functioned flawlessly for the City of Abbotsford Forward differential pressure progressively opens the valve Reverse differential pressure closes and seals the valve How Tideflex ® Check Valves Work They are totally passive valves, operating solely on line and back pressure, and require no outside energy source for operation. Sliding, rotating, swinging and plunging parts are completely eliminated. The City Engineers are convinced that Tideflex® valves are excellent replacements for ineffective flapgate valves. After spending a great deal of money each year on the maintenance and monitoring of their aging flapgates which had corroded and could be wedged open by debris, they knew they wanted a simpler and more effective solution. Tideflex® check valves seal and close drop tight around debris with less than 1 psi of back pressure. The people of the City of Abbotsford may not know about the changes at the Barrowtown Pump Station, but the City Engineers can rest assured that their land is now protected from flooding for many years to come. MEASURIT


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