Case Study - Groundwater Relief

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1. Application Data Concrete Basin • Groundwater Relief • Tideflex ® Tideflex Technologies, Inc. • 300 Bilmar Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15205 USA • 412-919-0919 • Fax 412-919-0918 • Aeration basins set into the ground can be under a great deal of pressure from the groundwater. Without alleviating the groundwater pressure, the cement floors and foundation of the basins are at risk of being cracked and destroyed by the rising water table. Groundwater pressure is relieved by allowing the water to move through the cement basin floors through valves. Prior to calling Tideflex ® Technologies, this was attempted by utilizing flapgate valves in the floor of the basin. However, the plant experienced the usual problems associated with flapgates. While groundwater pressure was relieved, because the water could pass through the floor and into the tank, gates that became jammed, rusted, frozen or blocked open allowed sewage to seep into the groundwater; and conversely gates that became stuck in the closed position allowed groundwater pres- sure to build-up. Discharge problems were also experienced. Tideflex ® Technologies was contacted to provide a solution to this serious problem. When the basins were fitted with Tideflex ® Check Valves, this sensitive “one-way" valve allowed the groundwater to move into the aeration basin without allowing sewage in the basin to pass into the groundwater. The Tideflex ® Check Valves continue to perform. Tideflex ® Check Valves are sensitive enough to open with as little as 1" of water and able to withstand up to 50 feet of back pressure! Without faulty mechanical moving parts, Tideflex ® Check Valves are uniquely simple and maintenance free. Alex Fastro, Director of Maintenance for Santa Clara/San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant says, “the valves are working perfectly." Specified by Alex Ekster for the Santa Clara/San Jose, California, USA Water Pollution Control Plant. Tideflex ® Check Valves prevent water from entering the ground when the basin is full. When the basin is empty, the Tideflex ® valves release ground- water, alleviating pressure that could crack and damage the basin. Tideflex ® Series 35 Check Valve _ all-rubber construction eliminates maintenance MEASURIT


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