Case Study - Stormwater Control

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1. City of San Jose calls on Tideflex ® Technologies for Stormwater Control Tideflex Technologies, Inc. • 300 Bilmar Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15205 USA • 412-919-0919 • Fax 412-919-0918 • \When water from a nearby river threatened to back up and flood the City of San Jose, Calif., a team of stormwater experts was called in to design a brand new pump station to keep the city dry. San Jose required that Pittsburgh-based Tideflex ® Technologies be the exclusive check valve supplier for the proj- ect. In turn, Tideflex ® Technologies supplied the new pumping station with an 84-inch patented Tideflex ® Series 39F InLine Check Valve. Tideflex ® Technologies Series 39F is one of the largest inline check valves available. Using Tideflex ® Check Valve technology, the valve is perfect for flood control installations where debris such as tree branches and plastic bags will render flapper-style check valves inoperative. A newly patented curved-bill design provides a tight seal with little or no backpressure and allows for greater sealing around entrapped debris. The all-elastomer check valve is completely corrosion-proof, operating under extreme conditions long after metal check valves have rusted open or frozen shut. The 39F is also very cost-effective due to its low headloss characteristics, long service life and its ability to perform successfully without routine lubrication or adjustment. "When a pump station is responsible for keeping a city above water, it is crucial that the valves within that station are com- pletely reliable, regardless of natural detriments," said Tideflex ® Technologies President George Raftis. "Because the Series 39F is equipped with our foolproof Tideflex ® Check Valve technolo- gy, it was really the best choice for this application." Case Study MEASURIT


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