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MeasurIT's CPD presentation flyer for distribution within customers' offices.

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1. www.measurit.com Page 1 An invitation to lunch & learn..... Tideflex Valves are: ‣ Non Return Valve ‣ End of Pipe Solution ‣ Flap Valve Alternative ‣ Variable Orifice Nozzle ‣ E ffl uent Di ff user ‣ Reservoir Mixing System Watch worked examples of low energy solutions using Tideflex valves. See how these valves have been used to prevent backflow in drainage for decades. Discover new and innovative applications . Headwall Mounted Series 35-1 1240mm TF-1 on Angled Thimble Plate 1050mm Checkmate Valve Beach Outfall Tideflex TF-1 Get your questions answered.


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