Diffuser Case Study - Navan

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1. Phone IE : +353 (0) 1 484 7832 UK : + 44 (0) 151 324 0021 email: info@measur IT .com www.measur IT .com Measur IT Technologies Ltd. Craan, Craanford, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland Case Study: Outfall to the river Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland The Problem Installation below river bed because of concern for water levels and fishing activity. The Solution Twelve DN150 Series 35D Tideflex Effluent Diffusers with integral 45 o wire reinforced bends and horizontal bills to allow installation below river bed. Installation The valves have been installed on a DN500 manifold comprising two sections, each 45m long - see detail below. Tideflex All-Rubber Check Valves The Tideflex Check Valves eliminate potential backflow. They do not corrode, warp or freeze and are virtually maintenance free. They handle large obstructions without jamming. Due to its nature, the valve collapses around any debris and seals off the backflow. The pressure forcing the lips together puts a squeeze effect on any solids build-up. The valve forms around the obstruction until enough runoff flexes the lips open and flushes the material out. Valves buried in sand, silt, mud or sunk in water can still discharge flow. read more at www.measur IT.com/diffuser-systems Discover our Impressive Performance Advantages.


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