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Saddle Support data sheet

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1. Tideflex Technologies, Inc. • 300 Bilmar Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15205 USA • 412-919-0919 • Fax 412-919-0918 • Tideflex ® Check Valves—For High Backpressure Applications Saddle Support (SST)* for 20 ” Series 35 Saddle Support (SST)* for 30 ” Series 39F Technical Data Tideflex ® Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce Tideflex ® Check Valves for high backpressure applications. These valves use Saddle Support Technology (SST) to increase the back- pressure rating of Tideflex ® Check Valves. The SST, constructed of steel or stainless steel, is designed to nest inside of the Tideflex ® , and is engineered to support the saddle area of the valve where backpressure acts to close the valve. Overall stiffness of the Tideflex ® can be reduced pro- viding a lower headloss flow characteristic. The engineered SST’s are individually designed to your pressure and headloss requirements. Common increase in backpressure rating is approximately 5:1 depending on the size and construction of valve. For example, a “standard” 24” Series 39 has a backpressure rating of 10 psi. This valve has been supplied for 50 psi backpressure applica- tions when utilizing SST. The Saddle Supports have a streamlined design, do not hinder valve operation, and have no areas for solids to collect or hang- up. Also, the headloss of Tideflex ® with SST is less than a standard Tideflex ® because the stiffness of the Tideflex ® can be reduced since it is supported. The SST can be used in conjunction with nearly all styles of Tideflex ® Valves including Series TF-2, 35, TF-1, 37, 39, and 39F. Send your high backpressure requirements to Tideflex ® Technologies, and we can custom-engineer a Tideflex ® for you. Saddle Support Retaining Ring Tideflex ® Saddle Tideflex ® Cuff Tideflex ® Bill ,$ 241(3


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