MeasurIT Specification CheckMate Ultraflex 2017

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3. B. If specified, the manufacturer shall also make customer service available directly from the factory in a ddition to authorized representatives for assistance during installation and start - up, and to train personnel in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the valve.

2. B. The CheckMate Ultraflex Valve shall incorporate multiple concave grooves molded integrally into the flat saddle wall thickness extending longitudinally a minimum of 8 0% of the length of the saddle to reduce opening resistance and reduce he adloss. C. The CheckMate Ultraflex Valve shall incorporate a custom shaped n otch in the end of the bill to reduce cracking pressure. The notch shall be at the invert/ bottom of the bill and s ymmetrical about the valve centerline. The longitudinal lengt h of the notch shall be no greater than half the length of the bill. D. The outside diameter of the upstream and downstream sections of the valve must be circumferentially in contact with the inside diameter of the pi pe . E . Slip - in style CheckMate U ltraflex Valves will be furnished with a set of stainless steel expansion clamps . The clamps , which will secure the valve in place, shall be installed in the upstream or downstream cuff of the valve, depending on installation orientation, and shall expand outwards by means of a turnbuckle. Each band shall be pre - drilled allowing for the valve to be pinned and secured into position in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. F . Manufacturer must have flow test data from an accredited hydraulics laboratory to confirm pressure drop and hydraulic data. E. Company name, plant location, valve size patent number, and serial number shall be bonded to the check valve. 2.02 FUNCTION A. When line pressure exceeds the backpressure, the line pressure forces the bill and saddle of the valve open, allowing flow to pass. When the backpressure exceeds the line pressure, or in the absence of any upstream or downstream pressure, the bill and saddle of the valve is forced closed, preventing backflow. 2.03 MANUFACTURER A. All valves shall be Series CM UF - SL slip - in CheckMate Ultraflex Valves as manufactured by Tideflex Technologies ® , A Division of Red Valve Company, Carnegie, PA 15106. All valves shall be manufactured in the U.S.A. PART 3: EXECUTI ON 3.01 INSTALLATION A. Valve shall be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s written Installation and Operation Manual and approved submittals. 3.02 MANUFACTURER’S CUSTOMER SERVICE A. Manufacturer’s authorized representative shall be availabl e for customer service during installation and start - up, and to train personnel in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the valve.

1. CHECKMATE ULTRAFLEX SLIP-I N INLINE CHECK VALVES PART 1: GENERAL 1.01 SUBMITTALS A. Submit product literature that includes information on the performance and operation of the valve, materials of construction, dimensions and weights, elastomer characteristics, headloss, flow data and pressure ratings. B. Upon request, provide shop drawings that clearly identify the valve materials of construction and dimensions. 1.02 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Supplier shall have at least twelve (12) years experience in the design and manufacture of “CheckMate™” style elastomeric check valves. B. Manufacturer shall have designed, fabricated and have at least five (5) current installation of a “CheckMate ” style elastomeric check valve s in the 72 ” (1 8 00mm) size. Manufacturer must provide documentation, including project name, location, and references. C. Manufacturer shall have conducted independent hydraulic testing to determine headloss, jet velocity and vertical opening height characteristics on a minimum of three (3) sizes of CheckMate V alves ranging from 6 ” (1 5 0mm) through 24 ” ( 6 00mm) . The testing must have been conducted for free discharge ( pressurized and open channel flow discharg ing to atmosphere) and submerged conditions. PART 2: PR ODUCTS 2.01 CHECKMATE ULTRAFLEX ELASTOMERIC CHECK VALVES A. Check Valves are to be all rubber and the flow operated check type with slip - in cuff connection. The entire CheckMate Ultraflex Valve shall be ply reinforced throughout the body, saddle and bi ll, which is cured and vulcanized into a one - piece unibody construction. A separate valve body or pipe used as the housing is not acceptable. The valve shall be manufactured with no metal, mechanical hinges or fasteners, which would be used to secure any component of the valve to a valve housing. The port area of the saddle shall contour into a circumferential sealing area (the “bill”) that is concentric with the pipe which shall allow passage of flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow. The e ntire valve shall fit within the pipe inside diameter . The saddle area of the valve must be flat, not conical, and integral with the rubber body above centerline in order to not produce any areas or voids that can collect or trap debris. The valve must be easily installed in pipes with poor end condition without the need to modify or utilize the headwall or structure to seal and anchor the valve. Once installed, the CheckMate Ultraflex V alve shall not protrude beyond the face of the structure or end of th e pipe. Specification TT-CMUF-SL


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