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Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool is a highly portable onsite assessment tool for quickly detecting blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers.

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2. FEATURE Dimensions (Travel Mode) Dimensions (Deployed) Weight RX / TX Travel Bag RX Battery TX Battery Extended Range Visual Display Speaker Microphone Construction Device Memory Electronics Water & Environmental Resistance Cleanability Communication/Data Synching GPS Enabled OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS Easily folds for compact storage and transport. Rugged swing arm with simple design for pivoting. Light weight design for easy field deployment. Provide cushion and device protection in a light weight and easily transportable package. > 1 week battery life; fully charges in ~ 2 hours. > 2 day battery life; fully charges in ~ 2 hours. Able to operate from -20 C to +70 C Rugged. Field proven. Reliable. Rugged, Field proven design. Reliable with excellent acoustic performance. Provides strength and durability in a light weight package. Stores > 3 days measurements. Accurate blockage assessments in real time with long battery life. Reduced downtime and repair. Economically maintain crew hygiene and health safety. Provides infield operation verification and automation. Enables data registration to a nominal +/- 5 meter accuracy level, GPS synched time stamping, and straightforward crew productivity measurement. SL-RAT ® Specification Sheet Transmitter ( TX ) Receiver ( RX ) DESCRIPTION RX 14cm X 35cm X 84cm / TX 14cm X 35cm X 84cm RX 61cm X 35cm X 84cm / TX 69cm X 35cm X 84cm RX 5kg / TX 8kg CODE ALPHA - Nylon ripstop rugged custom wheeled duffel in combination with PUR foam/Closed Cell PE travel trays. Custom Heavy Duty Lithium Ion, 1000 charge cycles, 11.1V, 3.6Ah, fully enclosed. Custom Heavy Duty Lithium Ion, 1000 charge cycles, 11.1V, 3.6Ah, fully enclosed. 122 X 32 pixel graphic display with extended environmental protection. Efficient marine grade heavy duty speaker with high fidelity across a broad sound spectrum. Harsh environment microphone resists effects of water immersion, mud, sand and salt encrustation. Constructed using 6061-Aluminum, 301 Stainless, and a composite resin control box. RX unit stores up to 200 measurements for download to PC via USB. Custom designed for efficient power management and maximum signal processing performance. Manufactured in an ISO:9000 certified state-of-the-art facility. Electronics are fully isolated within gasketed enclosures. The speaker is protected within a 6061-Aluminum housing. Durable surfaces can be cleaned with industrial wipes, alcohol, or other standard cleaning agents. RX and TX communication and synchronization via standard IEEE RF transceiver modules operating within the 2.4GHz ISM band. Uses the latest generation energy-efficient and accurate 10Hz “map-grade” GPS chipset found in many high quality mobile consumer devices. GNSS, GLONASS, and GALILEO compatible.

1. SL-RAT ® - The S ewer L ine R apid A ssessment T ool MILLIONS OF METERS INSPECTED • Quickly find blockages in your network • Inspect over 3,000 meters/day • Low Cost: 1/10th – 1/20th the cost of CCTV • Safe – No flow contact, no confined space entry • Highly portable and easy to operate The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool , or SL-RAT ® , is a highly portable onsite assessment tool for quickly detecting blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers. The SL-RAT’s ability to provide a blockage assessment in 3 minutes or less with no flow contact leads to an operating cost 1/10th to 1/20th that of CCTV. And, more importantly, the SL-RAT now enables wastewater utility operators to economically use a Condition-Based Maintenance strategy to improve SSO performance while using less resources. The SL-RAT is composed of two components – the Transmitter ( TX ) and the Receiver ( RX ). Each SL-RAT device is sold or leased as a pair – with the TX providing the active acoustic transmission through the pipe. Think of the TX as “yelling” down the pipe, and the RX providing the microphone and signal processing capabilities to listen and interpret the received acoustic signal. Think of the RX as the brain “listening” for the blockage and processing the block- age assessment result. InfoSense, Inc. • 2102 Cambridge Beltway Drive • Suite D-1 • Charlotte, NC 28273, USA Sales: 877-PIPECHK ext. 1 • Fax: 704-930-0145 • Email: • US Patent #8220484 • Portions of this product produced under license from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte • Version: 5-1-16 Acoustic Sewer Inspection SL-RAT ® Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool Blockage For A DEMO Please Contact:


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