Tideflex Widebill Diffuser Valve Data Sheet

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1. T ideflex T echnologies • 600 N. Bell Ave., Carnegie, PA 15106 USA • 412-279-0044 • Fax 412-279-7878 • www.tideflex.com Tideflex ® Widebill Effluent Diffuser T ideflex W idebill Ef fluent Diffuser Valves are an innovative choice for effluent diffuser systems. The newly patented “widebill” check valve design has several unique benefits, the most significant being cost savings. W idebill T ideflex Diffusers are less expensive than a standard duck bill check valve. Also, the all-elastomer construction is flexible and non- fouling, making them suited for long-term, maintenance free service. Other major benefits of the Tideflex W idebill Ef fluent Diffuser include: • Elliptical Jet has greater width/depth ratio yielding better dilution. • Enhanced jet velocity at flows below peak flow for impr oved dilution. • No need to oversize Tideflex Diffusers to reduce headloss. • No additional headloss at peak flow (same headloss as fixed- diamter port/riser). • Widebill diffusers open to and beyond nominal pipe diame- ter at peak flow. • Easily r etrofit to existing diffusers without oversizing T ideflex. • Smaller diameter risers also compound the cost savings. Features & Benefits • Less expensive than standard duck bill check valve • Improved dilution • No need to oversize in order to reduce headloss • No additional headloss at peak flow Materials of Construction • Available in Buna-N, Neoprene, EPDM A 4” Tideflex Widebill Diffuser (left) next to a standard 4” Tideflex Diffuser (right). Technical Data


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