TMS Design Data Sheet

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4. IX. OVERFLOW PIPE PROTECTION Check method used to prevent birds, rodents, cold drafts, etc. from entering tank thru overflow pipes X. COMMENT PLEASE MAIL, FAX OR E-MAIL COPIES OF TANK DRAWINGS, INSPECTION REPORTS/PHOTOS TO: Tideflex Technologies 600 North Bell Ave. Carnegie, PA 15106 USA PHONE: 412-279-0044 FAX: 412-279-5410 E-MAIL: (Mike Duer) or XI. TANK NOMENCLATURE Color Turbidity Identify known/suspected causes: Poor Mixing Short-Circuiting Poor Turnover / Tank Fluctuation Long Detention Time Thermal Stratification High Levels of Organics Overflow Pipe Size: in mm Tideflex Valve Overflow Security Valve (OSV) Screen Flap Valve " 4

1. I. GENERAL INFORMATION II. SYSTEM INFORMATION III. RESERVOIR / TANK DATA (Provide tank drawings if available. See nomenclature on page 4.) Reservoir/Tank Name: Advertises on Bids on Project Location: (mm-dd-yyyy) Water Utility/Owner Name: Owner Contact: Email: Address: City: State: Zip: Country: Phone: Fax: Consulting Engineering Firm: Engineer Contact: Email: Address: City: State: Zip: Country: Phone: Fax: INSTALLATION: New Tank Existing Tank SCADA: Tank on SCADA? yes no WATER SOURCE: Surface Water Reclaimed Water Ground Water OPERATION: Distribution System Reservoir Clearwell Combination MODE: Fill-then-draw Simultaneous fill and draw PRIMARY DISINFECTION: Chlorine UV Chlorine Dioxide Chloramine Ozone None HIGH WATER LEVEL SHUTOFF: by Altitude Valve None, floats on system by Pressure Switch SECONDARY DISINFECTION: Chlorine Chloramine None Chlorine Dioxide TYPE OF RESERVOIR / TANK: Tank Manufacturer or Basis of Design: Circular Reservoir Irregular Shape At Grade Semi-Buried Buried " 1

3. VI. TANK FLUCTUATION / TURNOVER DATA (With one of the methods below, provide data on the typical, or expected, daily fluctuation of tank levels in summer and winter, if different. * See nomenclature, page 4 ) VII. REFROFIT INFORMATION VIII. WATER QUALITY ISSUES Maximum Draw Rate: peak demand + fire flow (if applicable) gpm lps Pumped Gravity Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 Max. Operating Level* Min. Operating Level* % (percent) Volume Exchange Summer ft m ft m gallons/day liters/day Winter Year Tank Constructed: Date of Last Inspection: Date of Last Rehab/Repaint: Next Scheduled Rehab: Internal Baffles? yes no Ice Formation? yes no Water Temperature Range min o F o C max Size of Largest Roof Hatch dia sq. Size of Largest Shell Hatch dia sq. Rechlorination/Recirculation Sytems Installed? yes no Are Sampling taps installed? yes no Samples been taken at different locations/depths inside the tank? yes no Has a tracer study, CFD, or scale model been done? yes no Identify Water Quality Issues Loss of Residual DBPs > TTHM HAA5 Coliform Bacteria Nitrification Elevated HPC Biofilms Taste & Odor Increased pH " 3

2. IV. INLET / OUTLET PIPING (For new tanks that operate in fill-then-draw and for existing tanks that have a common inlet/outlet pipe, complete the “Inlet” pipe data. The TMS separates inlet/outlet inside the tank) V. HYDRAULIC DATA Rectangular Reservoir At Grade Semi-Buried Buried Standpipe Elevated Tank Dry Riser Sphere/Spheroid Composite Hydropillar Wet Riser Wet Riser Diameter ft in m TANK DETAILS: (Provide tank drawings if available. See nomenclature on page 4.) VOLUME: MG gallons m 3 Megaliters Circular Reservoir / Standpipe Elevated Tank Rectangular Reservoir ft m ft m ft m Tank Diameter: Bowl Diameter: Length x Width x Depth to Maximum Operating Level Head Range: Depth to Maximum Operating Level Depth to Overflow Height From Foundation to Overflow Depth to Overflow Height from Foundation to Max. Operating Level Number of Cells Bottom Elevation: Foundation Elevation: Bottom Elevation: TANK MATERIAL: (select multiple if alternates for new tank ) Welded Steel Bolted Steel (conc. floor) Bolted Steel (steel floor) Riveted Steel Prestressed Concrete Post-tensioned Concrete Cast-in-place Concrete Composite (Elevated) Earthen Lined TYPE OF ROOF / COVER: Fixed Roof Internal Roof Supports? yes no Floating Cover None, Open Reservoir Common Inlet/Outlet Pipe Separate Inlet and Outlet Pipes Inlet Diameter in mm Material: Penetration: bottom sidewall top Outlet Diameter in mm Material: Penetration: bottom sidewall Outlet have Silt Stop? yes no fixed pipe extension removable Does tank have a dedicated drain pipe? yes no Minimum Fill Rate: gpm lps Pumped Gravity Maximum Fill Rate: " 2


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