CheckMate valves control more than just water

Preventing access of insects, rodents and other small animals

Another common, but less well-known, use for the Tideflex Checkmate check valve is preventing insects, rodents and other small animals from gaining access to drainage systems, while still allowing flows out of the system.

Project Details

Client: Data Centres - confidential
Design: CheckMate valves on room drains

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Having experienced issues with insects gaining access to, and effecting the function of, sensitive computer equipment, the data centre designers approached MeasurIT in 2013 to help them solve this rather small, but significant problem. The issue was how to control insect ingress through the fire suppression liquid drains, without affecting the functioning of the drains themselves.

Our proposal to fit a CheckMate non-return valve on each room drain was implemented. This was so successful that it was retrofitted to all their data centres nationwide.

We're very pleased to be playing a part in Ireland's growth as an international data centre hub. Contact us if your sewers are dealing with some unwelcome guests of their own.