Shingle Beach No Problem for Tideflex Valve

The only valve able to cope with the beach shingle.
21 November 2017 by
Shingle Beach No Problem for Tideflex Valve
Geraldine Swanepoel

MeasurIT were approached to provide a solution to a recurring problem with the metal flap valve on the Strype Burn outfall and we proposed a Tideflex duckbill valve as an alternative that would be able to cope the best with the beach shingle.

Project details

Client: The Moray Council
Design details: 750mm Tideflex S35-1 valve with SST (saddle support technology)

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The Strype Burn is a small river running through the eastern edge of Findochty, Scotland. It is culverted towards its lower reaches with an outfall onto the shore to the east of the harbour. As the beach shifted with onshore wave action, the outfall had to be extended to the foreshore in 2004 to prevent build up of shingle affecting its outlet. 

Unfortunately, despite bi-monthly inspections of the outfall flap valve and scheduled annual maintenance works, the stony coastal outfall continued to be plagued by blockages. This was not good news for landowners further upstream who would be affected by flooding, either because the valve was wedged open - allowing seawater to push up into the river at high tide - or because it was wedged shut - preventing the river from draining out to sea as intended.

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The council were looking for a more robust solution to the problem, and hopefully something that did not require as much maintenance. MeasurIT were pleased to be able to show that our Tideflex duckbill valves have a proven track record as self-clearing on beach outfalls. Tideflex valves unique rubber duckbill design allow the valve to seal around debris and their low cracking pressure and low headloss mean that the valve is able to allow very low flows to pass through and shift the debris.

A Tideflex S35-1 valve was proposed for this site and successfully installed under our supervision beginning March 2015. Despite the high winds and waves experienced in this location, the valve has operated without the significant problems experienced by the previous flap valve. We anticipate that it will have a long operational life span and be virtually maintenance-free, as are all our Tideflex valves. Another great example of how effective Tideflex valves are in comparison with flap valves, and how they save time and money over the long run for those responsible for the drainage network and outfalls.

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Shingle Beach No Problem for Tideflex Valve
Geraldine Swanepoel 21 November 2017
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