Tideflex Case Studies

22No. 900mm Tideflex Valves at Tees Barrage

Tideflex Diffuser Valves Llangrannog Sea Outfall

Geraldine Swanepoel
November 2017 — 857 views Sites Wales diffuser valve effluent diffuser sea outfall tideflex valve

Never be stuck in the mud with Tideflex

Chalk up another win for Tideflex!

Geraldine Swanepoel
November 2017 — 585 views Sites England backflow prevention sewer rehabilitation sustainable drainage tideflex valve

Shingle Beach No Problem for Tideflex Valve

500mm Tideflex on Loch Ryan Long Sea Outfall

Geraldine Swanepoel
November 2017 — 572 views Sites Scotland diffuser valve effluent diffuser no maintenance sea outfall tideflex valve

Buried Tideflex Valves Can Self Clear