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Navan Effluent Diffuser Preserves Fish Stock

21/06/2018 05:27:33 In Tideflex Case Studies
Article on the benefits to fish stock of using Tideflex diffuser valves on river outfalls.

Tideflex CheckMate provides sewer surcharge protection

The Checkmate inline check valve from Tideflex is an ideal device for backflow prevention in a surcharged system draining public areas to reduce sewer flooding.

Tideflex CheckMate offers SuDS Solutions

The Checkmate inline check valve from Tideflex is an ideal device for backflow prevention in a SuDS scheme. Unobtrusive, low maintenance design.

Tideflex check valves are fish friendly

Fish, eels and other aquatic life can move safely through a Tideflex valve even at low flows and are not trapped upstream of the valve for long periods of time.

Tideflex check valves are free draining

A Tideflex valve is self-draining which eliminates standing water and maximises storage volume (attenuation) in the upstream drainage system.

Buried Tideflex Valves Can Self Clear

08/11/2017 15:12:41 In Tideflex Case Studies
Coastal and river outfall pipes can be partially or completely buried by sand, shingle and mud. Tideflex duckbill valves are uniquely suited to this environment

CheckMate Valve Integral to Large CSO Outfall

10/11/2017 09:30:07 In Tideflex Case Studies
A CheckMate non-return valve was identified as the best product for installation on the CSO outfall pipe to prevent backflow from the sea entering the sewers.

Chalk up another win for Tideflex!

21/11/2017 08:34:28 In Tideflex Case Studies
MeasurIT is providing a large number of 100mm Tideflex valves to help prevent groundwater contamination in the complex Thanet sewer rehabilitation project.

Shingle Beach No Problem for Tideflex Valve

21/11/2017 07:31:16 In Tideflex Case Studies
The metal flap valve on the beach outfall was constantly blocking and we proposed a Tideflex duckbill valve as the best alternative to cope with the shingle.

Tideflex the Answer to Woodstown Woes

22/11/2017 06:27:04 In Tideflex Case Studies
An existing flap valve unable to cope with the constant shifting of beach sand was replaced with a Tideflex valve solution that is operating effectively.

Never be stuck in the mud with Tideflex

24/11/2017 18:29:10 In Tideflex Case Studies
In 2013 Wessex Water decided that Tideflex duckbill valves would provide the solution to outfall blockages due to mud & silt in a tidal river. And they have!

1240mm Tideflex TF-1 In Dun Laoghaire Coal Harbour

24/11/2017 18:50:58 In Tideflex Case Studies
A Tideflex duckbill valve on an angled backplate was proposed by MeasurIT to stop outfall blockages and this has been working without incident since 2006.

Tideflex Diffuser Valves Llangrannog Sea Outfall

26/11/2017 17:01:52 In Tideflex Case Studies
Tideflex duckbill check valves act very efficiently as diffusers and are used on many different effluent outfalls, like this sea outfall in Wales.

CheckMate valves control more than just water

26/11/2017 17:12:28 In Tideflex Case Studies
Another common, but less well-known, use for the Checkmate check valve is preventing insects, rodents and other small animals from gaining access to drains.

Tideflex Valve Array Meets IOM Challenge Head On!

27/11/2017 05:57:15 In Tideflex Case Studies
An array of 5 Tideflex check valves exposed to high seas in a sea wall chamber is still showing no signs of fatigue since installation in 2000.

Tideflex Valves vs Flap Valves

Tideflex check valves are much more efficient than flap valves. Consider the TOTEX cost before making a decision. Read about the Tideflex benefits.

22No. 900mm Tideflex Valves at Tees Barrage

27/11/2017 07:15:09 In Tideflex Case Studies
22 900mm Tideflex check valves have been operating problem-free on the Tees Barrage Fish Pass since 1995. Read the case study here.